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White foxgloves are one of the most popular plants at the moment both in the Plant Centre and on the wholesale nursery.

On the nursery, the first new crop of specimen shrubs are starting to put on masses of new growth after the recent sunshine and rain. 

Espalier fruit trees in pots are not always easy to find; we currently have a number of apples and pears. Call the Plant Centre for more information.

A good range of vegetable and herb plants is available throughout June.

 Large Container-grown trees available

   All in 25-35 litre pots and ranging between 2.5 & 3.5m in height


   Acer campestre                                               £59.99             Field Maple   

   Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’                       £69.99             Norway Maple

   Alnus cordata                                                  £69.99             Italian Alder

   Betula pendula                                                £59.99             Silver Birch

   Carpinus betulus                                            £59.99             Hormbeam

   Crataegus prunifolia                                      £69.99             Hawthorn

   Fagus sylvatica                                                £69.99             Beech

   Morus alba                                                       £149.99           White Mulberry

   Prunus Amanogawa                                       £69.99             Flowering Cherry

   Prunus avium                                                  £59.99             Wild Cherry

   Prunus serrula                                                £99.99           Mahogany Cherry

   Sorbus aria ‘Majestica’                                  £69.99             Whitebeam

   Sorbus aucuparia ‘White Wax’                    £69.99             Mountain Ash

   Sorbus ‘Chinese Lace’                                    £69.99             Mountain Ash

   Tilia Cordata                                                   £69.99             Small-leaved Lime


Craig's Photo Galleries

Craig Morris has worked at Barters for over 25 years and is a very keen and gifted photographer. Most of the pictures on this website are his. To see more of his work and to see the beauty of Barters' plants at their best, click here. He's also been known to turn his hand as a wedding photgrapher when pressed! Please don't copy and paste his pictures without asking first.

          June 2017

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Barters Farm Nurseries and Plant Centre have been supplying plants for over 50 years. The Plant Centre has been trading for almost 20 years which not only serves the public, but also acts as a cash and carry for genuine trade customers.  The trade side of the business specialises in supplying landscapers and garden designers as well as  a number of garden centres.

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