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Home-grown plants

For priced lists of the plants we grow here in Chapmanslade, you will need to be a genuine trade customer and have the password. 


Phone us or email and we will let you have it. Then in future whenever you need prices, you haven't got to look back through your emails to find the last time we emailed a list out. Just go to our website, type in the password and there's all the information you need. 


We generally update the list every Friday. 


Sourced plants

Over the years, Barters has developed the service of bringing together hugely diverse orders. Originally, it came about through some of our larger landscape customers who wanted larger specimens and ready-trained climbers. As the garden designers' market has developed, a plant-sourcing service has become vital. All customers whether big or small can confidently find all the plants they want in one place. 

Many of our suppliers are specialists. For example, one of our contracts grows hostas and has a huge range of varieties. Others are specialists in container-grown trees, bare-root hedging, aquatics and conifers as well as those who import Italian, French and German specimen shrubs and trees. 

It's amazing what you can get in to a van if you know what you're doing. As you can see, we source plants of all shapes and sizes and they travel amazingly well, especially when all squeezed in together. Last year, we sourced over 20,000 transplants, 1500 trees, 12,000 perennials, 11,000 shrubs and 2,500 specimen shrubs. 

In this picture, a large number of rootballed yew were being delivered to an address in Cambridge. The size of our lorry is limiting factor in what we are able to deliver with our own transport. From time to time, we ask our suppliers to deliver direct as they have the right size of lorry and cranes where necessary. 

Barters projects. Click on an image to see it full size

Barters Farm Nurseries has been supplying plants for more than 60 years. The Plant Centre has been trading for almost 30 yearsOur trade business specialises in supplying landscapers and garden designers as well as a number of garden centres.

Looking for plant prices?

We'll be happy to quote for any requirements you might have, from one plant to 1000. 


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